Jilly Hyndman, CPCC, ACC

Jilly Hyndman, CPCC, ACC, is a coach, consultant, facilitator, meditation teacher, public employee and parent. Jilly loves creating playful spaces for clients to learn and grow. She likes to stir the pot, challenge the status quo and bring creative energy to all her endeavours to allow clients to create deeper connections to themselves and others. Vice presidents tapping into (and trusting) their intuition? Yes please! Engineers in touch with their emotions? Of course! Creative entrepreneurs rocking the money side of things? Totally!

With nearly 20 years of diverse professional experience in communications, marketing,media, business consulting, corporate strategy, project management and change management under her belt, Jilly found a new happy place while studying coaching at the “Harvard” of coaching schools, the Coaches Training Institute based in San Rafael, California. She achieved certification through CTI, earning the designation CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach), and through ICF acquiring the ACC (Associate Certified Coach) designation, and has been applying coaching to her life and offering it to others ever since.

Jilly loves to learn! She is also trained in ORSC (Organization & Systems Relationship Coaching), is a certified Appreciative Inquiry facilitator, certified Prosci Change Manager, a certified meditation teacher through Lifestyle Meditation, and a licensed art-based coaching workshop facilitator through Artizen Coaching. Jilly leads corporate culture change in her day job, and can be found coaching individuals in her workplace, through the Humanitarian Coaching Network, with private clients, leading playshops in the community, and collaborating with other coaches. Jilly is interested in bringing more coaching to the end-of- life space, and integrating meditation and coaching in new ways.

Her interests outside her playful work include writing, minimalism, food, travel and connection with nature. Jilly’s family is an approved foster family through the Ministry of Social Services and the Saskatchewan Foster Families Association. Jilly strives to live a simple and meaningful life in tune with the seasons, while creating a more kind, thoughtful and loving world.