Community Support Program

This is the third year of our Community Support Program that began during the winter of 2014-2015. During each year of the program volunteer coaches have provided six hours of coaching to a leader in a not-for-profit organization.  This true act of voluntarism means the leaders of our partner not-for-profit organization and the organization as a whole experience the benefits and power of professional coaching to create positive change.   

This year there are 15 coaches matched up with 15 leaders from Saskatchewan Towards Offering Partnership Solutions (STOPS) to Violence.  This worthy organization has member partners in communities across Saskatchewan.  STOPS is a province wide network drawing on partnerships, information sharing and education to promote healthy relationships and build strong, peaceful communities.  Its network is made up of community organizations, government partners, service providers and individuals from across the province.  Its support members across the province provide direct service to improve collaboration, consistency and coordination in building peaceful communities.  This includes information sharing, networking, partnership opportunities and capacity development. STOPS has indicated that the opportunity for leadership coaching would offer a significant injection of focussed attention, tools and support to help STOPS leaders improve their capacity, wellness and performance in their roles, and by extension, their agencies. 

The purpose of the program is to raise awareness of the benefits of coaching to individuals across the province of Saskatchewan and the initiative is part of ICF-Saskatchewan’s strategic plan.  Each fall, the Board brings forward potential not-for-profit organizations and one is selected based on criteria set out by the Board.  Once selected, the organization works with the Director of the Community Support Program to 1) introduce coaching to the leaders in the organization through an in-service 2) invite leaders to consider their involvement in the program and 3) pair up the leaders with volunteer coaches. 

The criteria for coaches who want to volunteer is simple – be a member in good standing with ICF-SK and have completed at least 60 hours of coach training.  Again, this year 15 coaches kindly volunteered their service to this worthwhile program.  This truly is a mutually-beneficial opportunity!

If you would like more information please contact Sherri Stephanson, Director of the Community Support Program at

Join the Community Support Program and Help GrassRoots Leaders

For the past two years, our ICF SK organization has participated in a Community Support Program.  The purpose of this program is to provide leadership/executive coaching to leaders within a not for profit or non-profit organization in need of leadership development.

This valuable volunteer work helps us to achieve our vision whereby the people of Saskatchewan experience the power of professional coaching, realizing their potential and creating positive change in their lives, organizations and communities. By committing to this voluntarism, our coaches are raising the awareness of coaching to various publics.

The criteria for selection of a partner for our Community Support Program includes:

  • Registered non-profit or not for profit organization in Saskatchewan whereby service delivery is primarily in Saskatchewan.
  • An organization that is devoted to enhancing the quality of life of people in Saskatchewan.
  • Priority is given to an organization with a demonstrated need for leadership coaching.

This past year we partnered with the Saskatchewan Association of Rehabilitation Centres (SARC) providing SARC member leaders with six – one hour sessions of pro-bono coaching.  With SARC members located across the province of Saskatchewan, we were able to be successfully pair 15 coaches with 15 SARC leaders in nine communities.  Coaching was completed in face to face sessions, by phone and by various online platforms.

A big thank you goes out to our volunteer coaches!  Our hope is to acknowledge those coaches publicly and hear from SARC representatives next spring at our annual Prism awards. 

Here are but a few testimonials from our volunteer coaches:

"Having a coachee that was ready, willing and able to do the work required, and appreciated the importance of the work we were doing."
"My client seemed to really appreciate the experience and put the effort in to ensure it was so."
"My knowledge and tools were helpful I believe and it was a great overall experience."

And here are what a few of the coachees had to say about the experience.

"I enjoyed my coaching experience and think it is something that should be done in all non-profits."
"I found it valuable. As CBO leaders in rural communities, we are often isolated and it was wonderful to have someone to think through ideas with, and/or discuss concerns; someone who listened and commented thoughtfully, while leading me through to my own solution."
"Thank you for the opportunity. It was just exactly what I needed at this point in my life in so many ways."

SARC has been a great partner with whom to work.  We recognize that SARC's accomplishments over the years are a result of a dedicated Membership and committed volunteers. As SARC looks toward the future, it envisions continued success with its Members and partners in providing quality services and opportunities for individuals with disabilities that will enable them to achieve full citizenship in their communities. While SARC's Member Agencies and their programs may vary, they all have one thing in common. They provide an environment that offers opportunities for persons with disabilities in our province.  We have been pleased to support their leadership development.

The ICF SK Board is now preparing to select a partner for the 2017 Community Support program.  We hope that certified ICF coaches will consider participating in this worthwhile program.  More information will be included in our January e-newsletter.


The ICF Saskatchewan Chapter is once again pleased to provide pro bono coaching to a not-for-profit Saskatchewan organization. This year’s partner is the Saskatchewan Association of Rehabilitation Centres (SARC).  Established in 1968, SARC represents community-based organizations that provide residential, developmental and employment supports and services to thousands of individuals with disabilities. SARC's accomplishments are made possible by dedicated Members and committed volunteers. SARC envisions continued success in the future as Members continue to provide quality services and opportunities to individuals with disabilities that will enable them to achieve full citizenship in their communities. SARC Members are located in every corner of the province and employ more than 2,000 people, who serve over 5,000 people of varying abilities.

With qualified and experienced coaches located in several SARC Member locations (including Saskatoon, Regina and beyond), ICF Saskatchewan is in a unique position to contribute at the grassroots level to SARC. ICF Saskatchewan hopes that SARC member leaders experience the power of professional coaching in a way that helps them to realize their potential, and create positive change in their lives, organizations and communities.



The ICF Saskatchewan Chapter was pleased to provide pro bono coaching to leaders at Hope’s Home, Canada's first medically integrated early learning centre. Hope’s Home provides Daytime and Extended Respite services along with fun and educational programs to medically fragile children, their siblings, and typically healthy children from the community. The mission of Hope's Home is to see all medically fragile children and their families enjoy better lives through integration, acceptance, and involvement in their community.

Our goal is to expose the leaders of Hope’s Home and the organization as a whole to experience the benefits and power of professional coaching to create positive change. In 2015, we will provide 102 hours of coaching to 17 of their leaders. CEO and Founder of Hope’s Home Jacqueline Tisher sent us this wonderful letter:

“Hope's Home has been overwhelmed by the positive impact that coaching from ICF Saskatchewan has had on the leaders of our organization. As a young charity and non-profit corporation, we have many passionate, dedicated leaders who have grown personally and professionally in areas of personal development and growth, and leadership skills – strengthening their gifts and talents, while creating opportunity in areas for change. 

The timing of this invaluable coaching will help Hope's Home reach its next milestone of strategic development and ultimately create a team of professional, passionate leaders focused on meeting our vision for individuals with complex medical needs. 

We are forever grateful. Thank you.